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Our Services

Security Emergency and Alarm Response
If you are experiencing an emergency and require a security guard, please us call right away. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with marked patrol cars available to respond to any situation.

General Security Patrols
Some clients only require a mobile patrol to pass through their property a few times a night to ensure everything is secure. This is often a great way to save money and stay safe.

General Security Coverage
Most of our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that there is always a security guard on site constantly monitoring and protecting their location. Often these guards will have additional tasks or checkpoints throughout their shift to assist with everyday duties for the client.

Transportation and Warehousing Security
Our guards are professionally trained and heavily experienced in the transportation industry. They will monitor all inbound and outbound traffic and work directly with dispatch to ensure proper data entry. Additional yard patrols are often recommended and performed at no additional cost to the client.

Construction Security
We understand your timelines and schedules are often changing and we are here to adapt to your needs. We don’t stop at simply protecting you from theft; the cost of a lost day of work is something we work to protect you from as well. Many clients take preventative measures and request that our guards monitor things such as water levels and generators throughout the night as well.

Parking Lot Security
Enjoy the benefits of a single employee able to multitask for your business. Our team members will deter crime and bring a sense of safety to your customers and clients.

Concierge Security
Our guards are trained in the art of concierge security and understand best practices in customer service. Enjoy a versatile doorman capable of building relationships and ensuring your patrons feel safe and secure.

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